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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our X'mas Eve

We had a very simple X'mas Eve dinner at home yesterday. Hubby invited 3 of his aunties home for dinner. We had :

Organic crackers (roasted garlic with sun-dried tomato) with President Petite Brie cheese as appetiser
Lamb chops
Spaghetti with Carborana sauce and chicken ham
Pan-fried salmon fillet
Broiled brocolli
Broiled baby bok choi and baby choi sum
Haegan Dazs ice cream as dessert

After dinner, Alycia and Sherilyn watched TV until midnight. At the stroke of midnight, they opened their X'mas pressies and had a fun-tastic time opening their gifts. We were waiting for some fireworks display at the KL Towers and KLCC but there weren't any. Never mind, New Year's Eve is just days away and we shall stay up again to watch the fireworks display.

Our X'mas tree with lots of pressies under the tree for our 3 angels from the gals' doting aunts, uncle and grand aunts.

Broiled brocolli, baby bok choi and baby choi sum.

Spaghetti with carborana sauce and chicken ham.

Baby C wailing away when she saw hubby's aunties. Baby C tends to cry when she sees unfamiliar faces at home.

2 types of lamb chops.

Pan-fried salmon fillet.
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