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Monday, December 22, 2008

Over-Ate And Refusing Milk

When Raymond kau foo (my eldest brother) and Marene kam moh came from Singapore last week, we had dinner at the Japanese restaurant at our condo. Alycia ate to her heart's content and walloped California rolls, maki, chawan mushi, prawn tempura, rice, grilled fish, green tea ice cream and jelly. After weeks of pigging out on food, Alycia's body finally surrendered last week whilst we were in Ipoh and she puked. Till today (almost 1 week later), her appetite has still not really returned and she has been refusing milk ever since. I hope she won't lose interest in milk and wean herself from milk. I think it's a tad too early for her to stop drinking milk. She's still a growing toddler and I think milk is still a good source of calcium and protein. Anyway, I am now giving her Marigold HL fresh milk.
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