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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby C's Dinner

I feel as if I'm in a race to plump up my sweetie-pie before the surgery next week. Our surgeon said that at 8+kg, it is a tad under-weight for her age. The surgery will have a higher success rate if she's a little heavier. Nonetheless, he told us that he had once operated on a baby who weighed 8kg.

To plump my baby up, I am feeding her with extra protein. I try to feed her at least an egg a day, along with fish, Pediasure (albeit I'm only able to force feed her 2-3 scoops a day), soy bean milk and E.Excel's Nutrifresh (which has soy bean protein).

This was Baby C's dinner 2 days ago, consisting of steam egg, steam fish with organic Japanese pumpkin, Nestle chicken cereal and chicken soup. That will be my last time trying to feed my sweetie-pie cereal coz she absolutely hates cereals. After painstakingly feeding her all the above for over an hour, she puked everything out when I gave her the last spoonful of cereal! That's the last straw.... I will forget about cereals and jar food for Baby C, period! Long sigh.....
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