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Monday, April 6, 2009

Creative Mind

Alycia is pretty creative in her art, just like daddy. Daddy is one very creative guy who has very good drawing skills. Tssk, tssk.... this is one of his qualities that I was attracted to 19 years ago.... hehe... Anyway, here's what Alycia created with her hairclips and a piece of paper whilst I was tying her hair into a bun on Saturday for her mock-up ballet exam:

After creating this, Alycia said "mummy, look, this is a bunny" and I went "wow, this really looks like a bunny!"

She's creative, isn't she?


Merryn said...

it's so nice to see this kind of creativity flowing so freely... she's lucky she has her daddy's genes in dat sense! :)

mommy to chumsy said...

yes, she's really creative. I know why you were attracted to your hubs 19 years ago. He made all those lovely and romantic cards for you eh? hahahhaah