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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ocean-Green Seafood Restaurant, Penang

When we were in Penang recently, hubby's friend who is a Penangnite recommended to us Ocean-Green Seafood Restaurant for good seafood. These are the dishes that we ate:

The restaurant's signature dish - baked stuffed crab with cheese.

' Pak cheok har' - steamed prawns

Spinach in superior soup with garlic, century eggs and scallops.

'Hoe chean' (fresh oyster omelette).

Steamed cod fish. We ordered this dish so that Baby C could have it for her dinner.

Deep fried spring rolls with sweetened Lea & Perrin sauce and fresh cut chillies as dip.

2 'koe hai' (female crabs with roe) steamed with wine.

Steamed egg with no salt and seasoning, just for Baby C.

Baby C enjoyed her dinner of cod fish, steamed egg and spinach. She could finish her bowl of food as she was deprieved of a proper meal the whole day.
See how 'blur' she looked here, as she had just woken up from her nap. When she saw us eating crabs, she too wanted to have her share of the crab! She also had sips of our coconut water and fresh lime juice (sugar-free).

BTW, total bill amounted to around RM194.

Ocean-Green Seafood Restaurant is located at :
c/o Paramount Hotel
48F Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Penang
Tel : 04-226 2681, 04-227 4530, 04-227 3649


coffeesncookies said...

that looks like a lot of food for 2. I like the crab and prawn cooking style, simple and refreshing.

mott said...

wow..that's alot.... i wish i was there...

i sure was salivating looking at all the food....sigh...

mommy to chumsy said...

hehehe..i was going to say the same thing - so much food for 2 persons. they look really good, especially the crabs.

Chris said...

It's making me hungry and homesick! Penang is my old hometown. If u want authentic street food, go to Swatow Lane or New Lane(this one I believe is opened at nite). You'll soon see that a lot of KL or Sg food are wannabe's of Pg food! OK, I'm a tad biased!
Looks like things are progressing along for C. When my dtr had her surg. at age 7 she was skinny too and things went well. She's still skinny...5'8" and 115lbs!
Boob milk still the best for C..she'll find great comfort in that in the days to come. (I hope the idiot who said mother's milk is of no value after 1 year is reading this).
Here's a trick to calm C down during takeoff and landing of the flight. If the boob doesn't work, give a little lollipop/sucker to lick. It will definitely be a treat and also the swallowing can equalise her ear pressure which can be very uncomfortable for babies. Soon, she will associate the loud plane noises with something yummy.
Sorry..longwinded post..

LittleLamb said...

that's a lot of food for 2 adults n 1 small baby....

but most important...u guys enjoyed it.. n baby c could wallop her food...

Big Pumpkin said...

Wow, you guys can eat so much??? It makes me wanna go to Penang, leh!