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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Being A SAHM and Financial Freedom

After playing and turning the condo topsy-turvy for over 3 hours, my 3 monkeys are finally fast asleep. And I have peace now! It’s always not easy to put Baby C to nap and she would always want me to take a nap together with her… with her latching on! My boops are more than just her source of milk, it’s her pacifier and her feel-good tool hah! But it’s perfectly ok, as long as she still wants my milk, I don’t mind her being addicted to my boops. My sweetie-pie is really good and ‘disciplined’. She knows that she’s not supposed to ask for mummy’s boops when we are in public. In fact, she hardly asks for them now. She knows that she can only get her milk when we are in the car. These days, the moment we step into the car, she will turn her head towards my chest and say “mek mek” (milk milk) and pull my blouse down! She’s smart eh for a one-year old baby?

If it wasn’t because of my sweetie-pie, I would have returned to the corporate world. Being a full-time SAHM is by far the toughest job I’ve ever held. I don’t think I can ever return to the workforce now, though I’d love to continue having my own financial freedom. It’s just not quite feasible with 3 kids. Perhaps I should invest some of my money in something that can generate cash like e-mini trading. Have you ever heard of the e-mini trading system? Well, you can find out more from your FREE e-mini trading course DVD, audio CD and trading packet from tradingconceptsinc.com. Just click on the links provided above. Happy labour day everyone!
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