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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cheeky Baby C

My sweetie-pie is becoming more and more like Sherilyn cheh cheh by the days, character-wise. When Sherilyn was Baby C's age, i.e. at 12 months, she would always put her hand into her mouth to make herself puke whenever she wanted to get out from the playpen to play on the floor. Sherilyn knew that if she cried or screamed, we would not bring her out but if she puked or almost wanted to puke, mummy would frantically run to her aid and carry her out of the playpen instantly. It was like a game and she always won! This is happening to Baby C now. Each time she wanted my attention or wanted to get out from her playpen, she would first scream to get my attention, then when my eyes were on her, she would deliberately put her hand into her mouth, make herself choke and puke!! See the striking cunningness!

When Sherilyn was around 12 months up until she was 2+ years old, she could sense it on most mornings when I wanted to leave the room to go jogging. She would then wake up and refuse to go back to bed and would refuse anyone to carry her but me. I would then strap her onto the stroller and brought her along for jogging. The same thing is happening to Baby C now.

I just hope this cute sweetie-pie won't transform into a brat, who drives me up the wall everyday with her whims and fancies, whining and temper tantrums, just like #2.

1 comment:

Merryn said...

aarrgghhh... how do u handle 3 kids??? n remembering exactly what each one did?! goodness.. with one oso my memory is failing me... :(