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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Continue Breast-feeding Till 2 Years Old?

When we were at our pediatric nephrologist's clinic today, I asked our doctor if I should wean Baby C off breast milk, to which her reply was that I should NOT. She said that breast milk is still the best for Baby C. Along with other food that's high in protein like chicken, fish, eggs, green veggie, etc., breast milk should preferably be continued until she's 2 years old. If however I'd like to introduce formula, I can still do so but I should have mixed-feeding (breast-feeding + formula) until my sweetie-pie is 2 years old. Our doctor is all for breast-feeding. I'm still not decided if I should really continue breast-feeding Baby C for another year. If I don't fall sick so easily and so frequently, I don't really mind. With my recent frequent bouts of colds, flus and throat infections, I'm really suspecting that Baby C is sucking me dry and withered with very little nutrients left in my body, thus my compromised immune system. I'll see how things are after her impending surgery.

BTW, I'm glad that Baby C's weight has finally breached the 8kg mark, yay!! I now wonder when her weight will ever touch the 10kg mark. With a surgery not far away, I am hoping and praying that her weight won't drop after the surgery.

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