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Monday, April 20, 2009

Purple Cauliflower

When I was shopping for groceries at Jaya Grocer the other day, I saw a lovely head of purple cauliflower. I am one who is easily attracted to veggie that are brightly colored. And since it's quite rare to see purple cauliflower around, I told the lady manning the veggie section that I'd like to buy half the purple cauliflower and asked her to cut the cauliflower into half. I wanted to use the cauliflower to cook Baby C's porridge.

When I came home and unwrapped the plastic cling wrap on the purple cauliflower, I saw black dots all over the head of the cauliflower like this:

The black dots looked like mould and was found on the entire head of the cauliflower.

I Iwanted to throw it away as there's no way I was going to feed my baby with it but my mil said that the black dots can be cut off from the cauliflower.

And so my mil stir-fried the purple cauliflower with some chicken breast.... which tasted good, though the purple cauliflower has a tinge of bitterness in it. We also had red spinach for dinner, which made our dinner quite a colorful one.


Merryn said...

cauliflower tend to have those black dot thingy.. even the white flower will have that. i normally just scrape them away.. nice colourful dinner u have there!

coffeesncookies said...

it's ok to just scrape it away. Baby C can have purple porridge !

LittleLamb said...

as long it tastes good...does not matter..

Bits of Taste said...

Oh, the purple cauliflower is lovely. I bought mine at Cameron Highlands past 2 years and make it into Vegetable Soup. Fresh and sweet.