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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spoon-Feeding Baby C With Formula Milk

In order to jack up Baby C's weight so that she's one healthy baby with an average weight by the time she goes in for a surgery in a week's time, I have started to feed Baby C formula milk powder. I started to supplement her breast milk feeding with formula milk powder about a week ago (amount of breast milk still unchanged) and I must say it's a very, very tedious and stressful process. My sweetie-pie would struggle, arch her back and whine each time I force feed her with formula milk powder. She was on Enfagrow A+ and our pediatric surgeon advised us to feed her with Pediasure to boost her weight increase at a more rapid rate. She could only drink 2 - 3 ounces each time (which seemed like forever for her to finish) and she would drink it twice a day.

I first tried to feed her with an Avent milk bottle but this fler kept playing and pushing the teat with her tongue, whilst giggling away! Next, I gave her a straw but this fler kept blowing bubbles with the straw and blew out the milk all over me and on the floor. The only way to make her drink her formula now is by spoon-feeding her... drop by drop.... and gawd, I tell you, I feel like crying and spanking her each time I feed her... coz she would spill her milk and it's messy and sticky, she would struggle and I would sweat as if I'd just completed a 3km run. For night time feeding, I even have to switch on the air-cond in the living room and sit right in front of the air-cond! And I have to sit her on my lap right in front of the TV while talking and singing to her so that I can better manage her coz if I put her on a high-chair or on the floor, this fler will move her head and move a lot to avoid the spoon.

I feel like giving up on formula. I think my poor sweetie-pie must be feeling so stuffed everyday and wondering why mummy is stuffing her with food and formula everyday. She has even been throwing up for the past few days as a result of over-feeding. Last night while nursing her to sleep, she jumped up all of a sudden, cried and puked all her milk out. She must be too full and I think she has a very shallow and small tummy, just like Sherilyn. Sherilyn used to puke a lot too when she was younger.

Tell me, should I just give up on formula milk powder for Baby C? It's really very stressful for me and stressful for my baby.

Barb, I salute you. I really don't know how you spoon-fed Ashley with milk for so many years!
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