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Monday, May 10, 2010

Doughnut Craze

Hubby is a hardcore doughnut fan-see. Each time we pass a Big Apple or JCo doughnut stall, no matter how long the queue may be, he will join in the bee line craze by queueing up just to get half a dozen of those colorful, fanciful doughnuts. And he never finishes them. One third of what he buys always end up with our helper, who is the lucky beneficiary of those doughnuts.

Here, Sherilyn is digging into a doughnut heavily coated with thick dark chocolate, eeeeksss!! I HATE washing up and cleaning up the aftermath.

Me? I don't like these fanciful doughnuts laden with sugar, cream and coloring. I still prefer the good old plain traditional doughnuts sprinkled with fine castor sugar which I will only eat once in a blue moon. I still prefer those doughnuts sold by the ting ting roti man on a tricycle. It only cost 10 sen each back then. I used to love those doughnuts about 3 decades ago and I wonder if these rare breed are still around now.
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