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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Tak Mau Friend You

Over dinner just now, Baby kicked up a big fuss and was super whiny. She didn't want this bowl but want that bowl, gave her that bowl and she wanted this bowl. She was stirring her food and playing with it but not eating it. My temper hit the roof. She was punished and put to stand at the naughty corner by mah mah. Of course she bawled and feigned vomiting again. Alycia jie jie played along with her and said "here, go vomit in this pail" and gave her the vomit pail. Baby was furious and for the first time, she blurted out furiously to her favorite jie jie "I tak mau friend you!!"... and said that several times! My mil and I wanted to burst out laughing upon hearing her say "I tak mau friend you" but tried hard to suppress our guffaw LOL!

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