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Saturday, May 29, 2010

On The Eve Of Their Exams

This was taken on the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn's exam. They were playing balloons, went swimming, watched TV and Sherilyn sat for her actual ballet exam and was away at the exam centre the whole morning.

I have been very, very relaxed with them, doing very little revision with them as I was both too bogged down with work and didn't want to put too much stress on them. After all, Alycia is only in Primary 1 and Sherilyn is only 5 years old. I only did a max of 1-2 hours of revision with them on the eve of their exam. Alycia scored pretty good marks with 90 and above for all her papers. But maybe all her classmates scored just as good marks as her, who knows? As for Sherilyn, I admit I have not been doing much revision with her at all ever since I started running an online business. I wouldn't blame her if she scores poor marks. I must, must, must go slow with my business and spend more time with my kids!
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