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Saturday, May 8, 2010

PCOS Disorder

During the height of my PCOS disorder, I had a drawer filled with women vitamins and herbs to regulate my hormones / menses. Sadly, none of them proved effective and I had to go through the painful and invasive method of correcting the disorder. I went through an ovarian drilling procedure, where the doctor ‘drilled holes’ on both my ovaries with laser. That only provided relief for a short period. I believe I still have PCOS as I have not been getting my menses for 2 years now! They say that when you are still lactating, you will not get your menses but most of my friends who are still nursing their toddlers have already gotten their menses. I must pay a visit to my Ob&Gyn one day to have an ultrasound scan of my inner parts to see what’s going on inside there.
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