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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sweet Peanut Sauce Open Sandwich

Hubby bought some Kajang satay and was given a huge packet of satay sauce (made from peanuts, chilli paste and sugar). I love the sauce and the satay but dare not indulge in too much of BBQ meat. Did you know that burnt meat, especially those with black carbon are really damaging to your health and is carcinogenic (i.e. causes cancer) if eaten excessively? So these days, I try to avoid eating BBQ meat and meat in general so that my body is less acidic. Yup, meat causes acid built up, especially acid uric, which causes gout. Try to keep your body more alkaline and you'll feel healthy! You can read more on keeping the body alkaline for optimum health by googling on it. You'll find tons of websites offering info on this.

Anyway, back to the satay sauce. Since I just lurve the satay sauce, I spread some on a slice of homemade multigrain bread. It tasted superb, well at least for this health freak! I'll bet no one has tried eating satay sauce this way, eh?

My lunch - a slice of homemade multigrain bread (made of oat groats, wheat bran and olive oil) spread with satay sauce and 3 skewers of satay. Then downed a glass of lemon juice to neutralize the acid from the meat and peanuts.
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