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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Without Help Very Soon

Just a moment ago, I saw something black and moving on the floor. At a closer look, I realized that it was a COCKROACH!! Yikes, I hate roaches and they are one of my greatest fears. I freaked out and yelled out "Dyaaaaaaaaah, cepat bawa Shelltox, cepat, cepat, cepat, ada cockroach!!!". My helper came running with a can of Shelltox and quickly aimed at the roach and sprayed on it continuously till the little fler struggled and died. She then wrapped it with a tissue paper and flushed it down the toilet.

A few weeks down the road, my helper will be back Indon for good and I will be left alone to handle 3 rambunctious kids. Mil will be away in HK for a few months soon and hubby is always not home. I keep telling myself that I can handle the kids without a full-time helper but in times like this when I need help or when my kids are sick and vomiting, who is going to help me? I guess in times like this, I have to brace myself for the worst, cry and scream for help or call 999 for help, boo hoo hoo hoo.... :(
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