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Friday, December 3, 2010

Penang Here We Come!

We will be traveling to Penang in a few hours. Yesterday during our drive back to Ipoh, hubby and I were discussing where and what to eat. We have roughly planned what to target in Penang this time. Since we will be staying at G Hotel @ Gurney Drive this time, walking to the hawkers centre at Gurney Drive is not a problem. Oooh, I am so going to attack the Pasembur rojak, prawn noodles, lobak and fried koay teow! Hopefully I won't pile on the kilos after this trip as I won't have the time to exercise for 3 days.

And oh yes, I finally bought a new lappie yesterday!! Have been meaning to buy a lap top for years and finally got to do so, just in time to bring it with us to Penang. My main intention of getting the lappie is to let the girls while away their time doing more useful things like reading and practising Math and playing educational games on the internet rather than stay glued in front of the idiot box. The lap top will also serve as my back-up just in case my desk top computer konks out. This will be my birthday present to Alycia who will turn 7 in 2 days. Expensive birthday present hor? RM2,500 for a birthday present, she's one lucky girl!
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