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Friday, April 1, 2011

Computer Crashed!

My desktop computer is seriously injured and may need admission. Someone turned off the main switch connecting to my desktop computer last night, thinking that it was the switch for the TV. When I restarted my PC, it was 'hang'. Thank God I have a laptop as back up BUT the BIG problem is that the data of my 800 over customers are saved inside the hard disk of my desktop PC. Now I have a huge pile of new clothes lying in the living room and I cannot send them out without the details of my customers. I am SO SO upset. The computer technician came to fix my PC this morning and it took over 6 hours for the restoring scan to complete BUT bugger, the problem is still not resolved. The computer technician has to come over to my house again to reinstall the Windows software and if this fails, he needs to remove the hard disk to have all the data stored inside transfered into an external hard disk or a thumb drive. And a reformatting of the PC would have to be performed. Sigh.... this is a costly lesson for me and if you have not done a back-up of your data too, do it now before your PC crashes.
Sorry there will be no pix from me for the next few days until my baby is up and about again.
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