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Friday, April 8, 2011

Durians Galore

The durian season is here again, which means it's also the season that I have to work out extra hard everyday to melt away the calories that I had packed after all the feasting on durians. Yup, I have been having durians for breakfast for the past 1 week. Not a single person in our household dislikes durians. We can eat nothing but durians for lunch or dinner! One of the best places to get durians is at SS2 in PJ. You can even get them online from, where you can email the owner for orders and enquiries! Talk about the IT age. Even durian sellers are moving from selling by the roadside to selling them online... albeit the fact that they still sell their durians by the roadside.

Our premium Musang King... if you are living abroad and have no access to the king of fruits, sorry ah if I made you drool...

Monkey see monkey do. This little monkey saw mummy eating durians for breakfast and she too wanted to have durians for breakfast!

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