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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Glorious Ipoh Food

My parents were in KL last week and today they left for Ipoh. We all look forward to their coming for various reasons - the good old Ipoh food that we so crave, my dad's cooking (my dad would cook us lunch and dinner almost everyday!), they would entertain the girls and my mum would help me with QA check of my stock. She even helps me perform tailoring jobs for slight defects in some of the clothes.

Our dining table filled with food to the edge, with all our favorite food : famous Ipoh salt-baked chicken, fish balls, egg tarts, Nyonya kuih, famous Ipoh chicken hor fun, yam cake, radish cake, tong sui, Teochew dumplings, yong tau foo....

and this time, I had a special request - Ipoh JJ Swissroll, cempedak flavor, YUMS!!

Check out the generous filling of cempedak paste! Drooling leh??
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