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Friday, April 8, 2011

Impossible Target

An owner of an online gift shop approached me recently. He was targeting to get 10,000 fans/likes for his Facebook page within a time frame of 1 year and he asked me to help him. He told me that he will pay me 5 sen for every person who ‘likes’ his FB page. But I had declined his offer. The amount was way too low to motivate me to crack my head for ideas, though I had helped him write an ad for a product earlier, which generated some sales for his product. I really think that a target of 10,000 fans within a 1-year period is unachievable and fool hardy. Even well known online stores like Linkedin Personal Creations has over 4k fans. Well, if he can offer me a better monetary reward, I can come up with some better ideas to help him reach a more achievable number.
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