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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nap Skipper

Baby does not take her afternoon nap on most days lately. She will spend most of her time fixing jig saw puzzles or on the laptop learning her ABCs, playing games and watching cartoons and songs. She can spend the entire afternoon doing these 2 activities and she's only just turned 3! Oh yea, her computer skill is getting better and better with each day and I cannot believe how adept a just turned 3YO is with her nimble fingers and her speed of learning. It's true that the experts say that a child learns very well from newborn - 6YO, after which the window of opportunity will slow down.

By 9pm, her batteries will run flat and many times while spoon-feeding her milk, she will struggle to keep her eyes opened. The second I leave her to get something, she will doze off and all hell will break loose if I try to jolt her up to finish her milk or brush her teeth.

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