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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Friday

On Friday night, we had desserts at Food Foundry @ Happy Mansion PJ after a dinner with my parents, my brother and sil from Singapore and my mil. We had dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant. It was a very rare occasion that I could have a meal with them altogether and I think it was very much like a CNY reunion dinner.

Nothing makes her happier than eating what she likes to eat!
The hubs is really fond of the chocolate cakes and Vanilla Mille crepe cake at Food Foundry. Whenever we are out for dinner, he will surely jump on the opportunity to drive us to this unassuming cafe to satiate his craving for these 2 cakes.

A view of KLCC (right) and KL Towers (left) from the 5th floor of our unit taken at 8pm. I heart my new Canon IXUS!
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