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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Restoran Lap Meng Kuan @ Taman Desa KL

Restoran Lap Meng Kuan @ Taman Desa KL is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants now. The food and seafood are fresh and tasty, restaurant is clean and cozy and price pretty affordable.

Yesterday we threw my youngest brother a surprise birthday dinner celebration at this restaurant. My hubs had earlier bought a RM400+ wild river Patin fish and we brought half the fish to the restaurant to get it tastefully steamed.

Here are the dishes that we ordered.

Deep fried nam yue chicken and stir fried minced pork and dried shrimps with cabbage...

Steamed pork with watercress and fish paste, a dish that is very suitable for kids...

Koong poh deep fried pork with cashew nuts...

This is one of the signature tofu dishes of this restaurant - braised tofu on a huge bed of steamed pumpkin. Love the soft steamed pumpkin - sweet and creamy!

The highlight of our dinner - a prized wild river Patin fish which cost a bomb. Recently some food connoisseurs went to a 'tai chow' restaurant in a small town here and ordered some 'kampung' dishes, including Patin fish. The bill chalked up to a whopping RM13,000!! Now I know why Patin fish is terribly costly. This morsel is almost second to none in the fish family. There is not a hint of fishy odour in every part of the fish and the flesh is really sweet and smooth. We dug on the entire fish tail (which weighed close to 2kg) and licked every part of the bone clean!

The girls, their mummy and Roy kau foo the birthday boy...

with our favorite green tea-red bean cake from our favorite bakery, RT Pastry House.
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