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Friday, April 8, 2011

That Rattan School Bag I Will Never Forget

During my time when I was a primary school girl, my mum bought me a rectangular shaped open rattan school bag, which looked like a picnic bag. I hated that bag as I thought it looked so hideous while my friends had nicer covered school bags. But my mum did not buy me those school backpacks, which were very costly 3 decades ago. I had to carry that hideous rectangular shaped bag for a few years which gradually turned crocked and slanted to one side over the years. Some of the rattan strips even jutted out of its place, which made the bag look really beat up. Oh how I hated that rattan bag! I will never ever forget that rattan school bag LOL! Now, Alycia gets to change her school bag at least once or twice a year! Kids these days are so lucky, aren’t they?
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