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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3-Mushroom Prawn Pasta

Today has been a super crazy day for me. All because of my 2 dot com blogs who have been acting up since 2 weeks ago.  Last night the blog host 'pulled the plug' off my blogs and during the time they went 'dead', I felt as if I had lost something very, very dear to me.  When my blogs were finally up again after the Wordpress had been uninstalled and reinstalled again, everything went haywire.  I sat in front of my desktop computer from 7am through 1pm to tidy up both the blogs. I did some google searches too, to get compatible themes for both blogs, to find out how to instal plug-ins, how to enable comments and all that jazz.  Wordpress  is such a huge confusion and so not user-friendly.  6 hours on the computer made me queasy and dizzy. I did not have the time to cook lunch, so we had take-away food.

For dinner, I cooked something simple to dish out which the 3 fussy-pots love...

3-mushroom penne pasta with baby shrimps.

3-mushroom prawn pasta

Ingredients used:
1) 1 punnet fresh button mushrooms, 1 packet shimeiji mushrooms and 1/4 packet of shitake mushrooms.
2)  1 punnet fresh baby shrimps. I bought de-shelled ones.
3)  1 whole bulb of garlic, chopped
4)  2 small onions, chopped
5)  Sea salt to taste
6)  Mixed herbs and dried parsley
7)  3/4 can of evaporated milk to replace whipping cream.  The reason why I used evaporated milk is because it has longer shelf life and I can buy it way in advance before cooking a creamy pasta dish.  It costs a fraction of the price of whipping cream too!
8) A little water
9) Black pepper

Boil pasta al-dente in a saucepan. That will take about 10 minutes.
Brown onions and garlic.  Add in shrimps. Stir-fry for about 10 minutes.  Add a few shakes of black pepper and the dried herbs
Add in the 3 types of mushrooms and toss in pan/wok for about 10 minutes
Add in 3/4 can of evaporated milk. After the milk has bubbled, add some sea salt to taste. If the consistency is too thick, add some water.  Taste the sauce. If you want it saltier, add a few pinches more of salt.
The milk thickens pretty fast. Once it has bubbled, you can turn off the fire.
Mix the pasta and sauce together in the wok or in separate plates and serve immediately, while still hot.

I was quite tempted to get some bacon or sausages for the pasta but was successful in refraining myself from buying sausages, bacon and deli meat yet again! :D   I do not allow my kids to eat these unhealthy meat. We only eat them once in a blue moon when we dine out.  And as I walked away from the deli meat section of the supermarket, I picked up a punnet of fresh shrimps. Nothing beats fresh food.

My recipe can  yield 3 kid portions (big eaters) + 1 adult portion.

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