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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Alycia's First Primary School Field Trip

The day that I dread to let go of my 'precious baby' to go on a school field trip finally arrived today. Many people asked me why I am so paranoid of allowing my girls to go on school trips, especially relatives who live overseas. Firstly, as I have just mentioned, Alycia is my 'previous baby', the baby whom I went to great lengths to get. Secondly, if you live in Malaysia, especially in the Klang Valley, you would already know how unsafe it is to live in this city where cases of kidnap, murder, rape and robbery happen every single day. Just yesterday, a toddler was kidnapped in the affluent Bangsar residential area. Thirdly, who trusts express bus drivers now after umpteen incidences of horrific fatal bus crashes? Tell me, if you were me, would you feel at ease letting go of your soon-to-be 10-year old daughter to go on a school trip?

Alycia was pretty excited over this trip that she had been waiting for, for almost 2 months. This morning she woke up at 5:45am on her own without me jolting her up. By 6:30am, she had left the house with her daddy. Initially, she told us that she should be back in school by 4:30pm but later she told us that the bus was only expected to reach the school at 6pm. At about 6pm today, I received a call on my mobile phone. It was Alycia and she told me that they were still in Sekinchan, the place of visit and the return journey would only begin at around 6:15pm. I was told that they would reach their school by 7:15pm. By the time she reached home safely to me, it was already almost 8pm. The moment she stepped into the house, I saw that her cheeks and neck were as red as a lobster! She was grilled under the hot sun! My heart ached as this forgetful mummy had forgotten to give her sun block lotion and a cap, BUMMMER! How could I have been so forgetful?! This is a lesson to learn for me, that for my daughters' future school field trips, I should always apply sun block on their face, neck and hands!

I had been thinking and worrying about Alycia the whole of today, wondering what she was doing, wondering if she would be left behind by her teachers or the school bus, wondering if she had drank enough water, if she had peed, if she had eaten a proper lunch and if she was safe. The hubs knew that I was worried and he brought Sherilyn, Cass and me to Mid Valley Megamall for lunch and shopping. Honestly, I am still paranoia of letting go of my daughters to attend future school trips. If Alycia wants to attend her next school trip, I will make sure that the hubs and I tail the bus from behind and join in the trip discreetly, kekeke...
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