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Friday, November 29, 2013

I Almost Jumped Out Of My Skin!

Today, I had lunch with Alycia and Cass at a nearby coffee shop.  After lunch, we walked back to my car, which was parked a few steps away from the coffee shop.  After helping Cass and Alycia get into the car and closing the door for them, I walked to the driver's side of the car. Just as I was about to get in the car, I heard a man shouting from my right side. I turned around and saw a man with helmet on a motorbike. He said something like "HEY CIK...!!" (he mumbled something) and he was driving his bike towards me.  I almost jumped out of my skin.   Stories and news of people attacked outside their cars by assailants are menancingly rife these days. 17 years ago, I was a victim of a snatch theft, by a SOB on a motorbike.  Since that fateful day, I have developed a phobia of the sound of motorbike, when I am on the road.

Anyway, back to my frightful moment just now.  When I saw the burly man on the motorbike talking to me, I quickly tried to get into my car. Then he talked even louder. I then looked at his face and saw a familiar face.  He quickly reached out a Skynet parcel to me to tell me that he was from Skynet. And then, phew.... I realized that he was the regular Skynet delivery guy and he was trying to tell me that he was from Skynet.  He told me that he had just left my parcel at the guardhouse of my condo.  Before he rode his bike off, he told me "Jangan takut ya" but I was still in a fright, thinking that I was going to be a victim the second time.

What seems so creepy is how on earth did the Skynet guy know that I was at that location having lunch?? And how the heck did he even see me on the road?  He had a helmet with a visor on. And I was about to get into my car.  I did not tell the guards at my condo that I was going to have lunch at that location. So how in the world did this guy know I was there? C R E E P Y!!
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