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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rose bud From A Bundle Of Siew Pak Choy

Today I discovered something amazing by accident.  After I cut the stems off the bundles of siew pak choy and was about to bin the stems, those cute flower-like stems caught my attention. At a closer look, they looked like rose buds!  Very intricate vegetables rose buds that looked exactly like a real rose bud.

Check them out...
flower deco 

I quickly salvaged them, washed them clean and used them as deco for my Chicken Adobo dish!
 chick adobo 1

Here's how I discovered.  Lazy me always try to find shortcuts to do my chores. To save time having to pluck off the siew pak choy, leaf by leaf, I always use a pair of scissors to snip off the end of the stems (the right side of the siew pak choy, as shown in below picture).  Once the stems are snipped off the bundle, the siew pak choy will come off leaf by leaf.  I do not even bother to cut the stem off the leafy part. After washing and soaking the veggie a few rounds, I will either blanch them or stir-fry them with a meat, to make it a one-pot dish.

If you buy 10 bundles of siew pak choy, you will have 10 pretty green rose-buds to decorate your plate of dish. Or you can use the rose-buds to decorate other dishes. I briefly blanched the rose-buds, so that they will not turn soggy.
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