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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shopping Burns Loads Of Calories Too

Today I skipped exercising in the morning.  It is partly because of laziness (I wanted to catch up on my beauty sleep) and partly because I had no time.  Our part-time helper does not come on Sundays, thus I am extra busy on Sundays.  Nonetheless, I have had more than enough of exercise today as we spent about 6 hours at 4 shopping malls. I think I stood and walked for 4 hours today. It is a slow-paced marathon of sorts for me -- in the comforts of air-conditioned malls :D

First we spent over an hour at Tesco to get some household stuff.  Then we went to Pavillion for lunch at Tonkatsu Japanese restaurant.  While hubs entertained his angels with more food at Tokyo Street, I darted across the road and walked for 15 minutes to Uniqlo and then to H&M.  At these 2 outlets, I paced hurriedly to get what I wanted to get. I did not really trust the hubs with handling 3 rambunctious monkeys, especially with Cass. He can be very careless and not vigilant enough. He has had previous encounters with losing sight of the girls and nearly losing them at some theme parks while I went shopping. 

I spent an hour each at Uniqlo and H&M.  After a satisfying retail therapy session, I hurriedly walked back to Pavillion under the scorching hot sun.  I think I burnt over 500 calories doing all these brisk walking haha!

Whilst mommy had a mad mad retail therapy session, the girls had some crazy eating therapy with ice-creams, cakes and juices at Tokyo Street. To keep them still later, hubs brought them to TIMES book store in Pavillion where he sat with Cass at Espresso Lab cafe inside the bookstore and bribed her with a blueberry muffin while Alycia and Sherilyn quietly shopped for more storybooks.

For dinner, we had take-away fried rice and pulled noodles from Din Dai Fung and hubs bought Annie's pretzels too. I better be more disciplined tomorrow morning and must pull myself out from bed by 5am for my morning exercise to burn more calories before I pile up more calories on Tuesday - which is another holiday for us :D Oh yes, tomorrow is also a school declared holiday for Alycia and Sherilyn.
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