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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sick Kids And Sick Computer

Hubs and I bought a new desktop computer so that my old desktop computer can be moved to the girls' room.  What do I know? My new 'baby' gave me a whole load of problems the day she came home!  From a physical problem on the CPU to internal problems, within a week, my new baby had to be re-admitted into the 'hospital' for observation and treatment. And I suspect that since the computer was not yet installed with an anti-virus software, some malicious virus infected both my www.healthfreakmommy.com and www.healthiswealth.healthfreakmommy.com blogs as I did access my blogs using the new computer.  For a week, the blog host has been trying  to restore my blogs but to no avail. I am so down now and disappointed with the host. Though they are quick in replying my emails and pretty helpful, they are however unable to find a solution to the problem. Now, both my dot com blogs are inaccessible :( 

Fortunately I still have this blogspot blog to update blog posts.

Alycia and Sherilyn are getting better from their sicknesses and they managed to get well enough to attend their last day of school for this year yesterday. But Cass is now having an ear pain since yesterday. Gawd,  with sick kids to tend to, a sick computer that is affecting my rice bowl, Cass' ongoing bladder issues and family matters to grip with daily,  life is tough for moi!  But I am certain I will be able to surface up the water and swim to the shore safely, albeit slowly.

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