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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Guitar Teacher

Alycia's guitar teacher teaches guitar on a full-time basis. On top of teaching guitar, he is also a freelance guitarist. He gets paid to perform with his guitar at weddings. He also performs at orchestras. His voice quality is that of a singer too. He reminds me of Emil Chau, the Hong Kong born Taiwanese singer. He was once my favorite singer and actor. Whenever the guitar teacher teaches Alycia, he will sing and strum the guitar simultaneously. Luckily he does not have a Hugh Grant look. It would be very distracting to have a hunk with good looks and good voice in the house every week haha! And oh yes, the way he holds and strums his guitar with bajo sexto strings is with style too. No wonder he is married at such a young age and has a 4-year old child. He must have swept his young wife's feet off with his voice and charm years ago.
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