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Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby C Loves Beet Root Soup

My sweetie-pie is a soup lover so I make it a point to prepare a pot of soup everyday. She does not fancy plain water much, so one good way of making her drink enough fluids is through soups. Drinking enough fluids is very important for her (or for anyone with frequent UTIs) as it can flush out those pesky bacteria out from her urinary tract. The more she pees, the better, as there are more chances of the bacteria being flushed out through the pee. Of all the soups, her favorite is beet root. Yup, the bright red soup that resembles blood haha! I guess it's because beet root is naturally very sweet and that makes the soup really tasty and sweet. Even my 2 older fussy pots love beet root soup with sweet corns.

Double boiled beet root soup with lean pork, carrots and sweet corns.

Baby loves beet root soup so much that whenever I feed her, it has to be continuously... spoonful after spoonful without any pause, other wise she would scream! If only she would drink her formula milk with such enthusiasm, life would be so much more easier for me.
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