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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Loves Her BumbleBee Educational VCDs

I bought a set of BumbleBee educational VCDs for my 2 older gals 4 years ago. 2 years ago when my 2 older gals got bored of the VCDs, I had wanted to give those VCDs away as I did not plan to have #3 but as fate has it, God had blessed me with my sweetie-pie... and now, I am recycling these VCDs and find them so useful.

Here is part of the set of BumbleBee Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder:

... which Baby absolutely loves. These days, she can sit still on her highchair and get really, really engrossed and focused on the TV for at least half an hour and sometimes even an hour whilst I spoon-feed her formula milk. Whilst she's all soaked up in the program, I'll quickly shove the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth lol! She has learnt quite a number of new vocab and can say out a handful of words whenever she sees the picture of the object shown on TV.

Apart from this series, BumbleBee ABCs and 123s are also in my stash of educational VCDs collection. My 2 older gals learnt their ABCs and 123s from these BumbleBee VCDs, as well as from Barney's. If you want your toddler to learn their ABCs and 123s in a fun way, I'll recommend BumbleBee and Barney. Well, they worked pretty well on my gals.

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