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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Being A Mother Is Tough Job!

I used to look forward to the weekend but not anymore now... for weekends mean that I have to be a slave to my 3 gals from the time they rise to the time they retire to bed at night. On weekends, I hardly have the time to sit to have my breakfast. It's worse on Sundays as I will be rushing like a mad lady.... fixing my 3 gals breakfast, painstakingly spoon-feeding baby and coaxing her to drink her formula milk, bathing baby and the 2 older gals... all these to be completed before we make a mad dash to the church. On weekends, my 2 older brats usually refuse to nap in the afternoon though I force and threaten them. By dinner time, they will be so worn out that they could barely open their eyes when seated at the dining table. And Sher would nomally be sitting at the dining table for 2-3 hours, dazed and with food stored in her mouth. Most times, almost everything on her plate that had turned cold and gross looking will end up in the bin.

Now that baby is walking everywhere unaided, I can never leave her alone, not even for a few seconds. Accidents usually happen in a split second just when you are caught unaware. Yesterday she followed me to the toilet and just when I wasn't looking for a second, this brat put her hand into the toilet bowl that was filled with her jie jie's pee (her 2 jie jies have a bad habit of not flushing the toilet), eewwww! I was horrified!

I had just spent an hour doing nothing but followed baby everywhere that she went. My maid is now spoon-feeding her formula milk. These days, I pass this chore to my maid coz baby knows how to bully me. When I'm the one feeding her formula milk, she will struggle and make life difficult for me for she only wants mummy's boops. It usually takes an hour for my maid or me to finish spoon-feeding her ONLY 2 ounces of formula. How terribly pathetic hor? With much difficulties, I can only force feed her 4-5 ounces of formula milk a day. I really want to wean her off my boops but how to when she absolutely hates formula milk?

I'd really appreciate tried and tested effective tips on how I can successfully wean my baby off my boops and get her interested in formula milk.
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