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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blessed To Have 3 Angels

People always tell me that I am blessed to have 3 daughters and I think so too. Tell me, would your son brush your hair and give you a good head and body massage? Most likely no, right? You're lucky if your son doesn't mind massaging mummy from head to toe muahahaha!

I mentioned in my earlier post in my other blog that I am wiped out each day having to walk behind Baby C and be her bodyguard. This fler is now super active and mobile and her energy level is also at an all-time high... and I'm really glad. Anyone who sees her wouldn't believe that this cili padi had undergone 2 major surgeries exactly 2 months ago.

Today I felt tired and sleepy doing nothing but following baby round the house. So I brought baby to her 2 jie jies' room (her 2 jie jies followed suit) and locked the room door. I then lay on the bed and told my 2 older brats to play with baby. When my 2 brats saw me lying on the bed, they happily volunteered to give me a good massage. Alycia quickly dashed to my room to bring my jar of Rosken cream and Sherilyn quickly fetched the hair brush muahahaha. Alycia then started to apply the Rosken cream all over my hands and legs and begun massaging me. Sherilyn who is obsessed with her hair and her Barbie dolls' hair had a swell time brushing my hair... and pulling gobs of hair off my scalp too! As for Baby, she was happily playing with her jie jies' toys and I need not worry much as she was confined to a small room and had no chairs to climb on. After a good 15-minute massage, I felt recharged!

And just for laughs....

Baby still finds thrills playing with my undies. She loves opening my drawer and fish out my undies... and then put the undies over her head, as if she was wearing a tudung (head scarf) or a shawl , muahahaha....

And she loves my grandma's panties best muahahaha.... I used to wear them when I was preggers with Baby.

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