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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy Over The King Of Fruits

Everyone in our family loves durian, the king of fruits. Even Baby C likes it! Several days ago, we bought some durians from a nearby mini mart. The durian store was located next to the retail POS systems, right at the entrance of the mini mart. As the guy manning the store priced opened the durian shells, the sweet and tempting aroma of the durian wafted through air and into our noses, exciting our palate. All of us could not wait to get home to lay our hands on the durians and sank our teeth into the durians at the entrance of the mini mart… standing there walloping the durian and oblivious to the by-standers who gave us stares! Before we could pay them, we had already polished off more than half of the durians that we bought.
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