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Friday, July 10, 2009

Do This Or Else.....

Every single morning, I am bound to have a stressful and blood-boiling time coaxing and hurrying my #2 to finish drinking her cup of milk. She would just be seated on the chair on the dining table or on the couch, staring into space and in a daydreaming mode. Sometimes, she would make me blow my top when she spills all her Milo+milk on the table, on our chair, on our newspapers and everywhere on the floor, aargh! No amount of coercion will make her drink her milk. Most times, I will threaten her with the cane. Let me tell you, I hate to resort to the cane all the time but it looks like that’s the only way to move my #2’s butt. Today, I found a solution haha! I threatened her that if she did not finish her milk by the time I step into the living room (I was inside the kitchen then), she would not be allowed to go swimming or play her tricycle today. Dang, dang, dang… voila, it worked like a charm coz I think it hit her on the right nerve woohoohoohoo! Bingo, bull's eyes! Before I could step inside the living room, she had already gulped down her cup of milk and had hurried to the bathroom to wash up. So I learnt a lesson today. Threaten my #2 to have her favorite activities removed and she’ll obediently toe the line, muahahaha!!
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