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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easy DIY Ice Popsicles

I used to DIY my own ice popsicles when I was little. My brothers and I would pour in some Sunquick orange or Ribena into a cup, dilute it with some water, put in a spoon and dump the cup into the freezer. Several hours later, we would be enjoying our homemade ice popsicles. It was cheap, easy to do and we had so much fun licking the ice popsicle. Now, I'm making those ice popsicles for my gals and they love them just as much as I did. And it's really a good way to make them drink water this way... without reminders, sweat and threats!

Alycia licking her Ribena ice popsicle made using her Tupperware plastic cup and a stainless steel spoon.
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