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Friday, July 10, 2009

I Had Supper Last Night

I have not had supper for aeons but last night, I put aside my health freak regimen and had supper consisting of durians and fried noodles (albeit only 1 tablespoon hehe!). In fact, I have been feasting on the king of fruits – Musang King variety for the past few weeks. After all, how often can you indulge in durians right? It’s seasonal and you only get to indulge in them several times a year. I think very soon, I will need to get some Kettlebell workouts to help me rid my jelly belly! Jogging alone can’t do the job effectively. Durians are the king of fatty fruits too and are really high in sugar and calories, I better have some self control or my diet plan will be thrown out of the window.
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