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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keeping Baby C Still On Her Chair During Meal Times

Before feeding Baby each of her meal, I need to crack my head to find novel entertainment and toys that will attract her so that she will sit still on her high-chair. She has now gotten bored of most of her toys, as well as her jie jies', so I have to give her OUR toys LOL.... things from the kitchen, remote controls (my mil will freak out when Baby throws the remote controls on the floor lol!), mobile phones (I will freak out if she throws my mobile phone!), the house phone, etc.

Baby is now really cheeky and active and can hardly sit still on her high-chair. When she gets bored during a meal, she will try to remove her bib (telling us that she doesn't want to eat anymore). She will then stand on her chair and try to climb out of the chair.

Baby is still very much fascinated with Alycia jie jie's Marie The Cat multi-button with multi compartments pencil box. But I will only let her play with it during real stressful times like when I spoon-feed her formula. Other meal times, she can remain still for at least 10 minutes coz she still loves her porridge... provided there are toys for her to play on the table.

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