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Monday, July 27, 2009

Kuihs From Bangsawan

The hubs bought a box of kuih-muih from Bangsawan @ Pavillion KL last week.

When I saw the box on the dining table, I thought it was yet another layer cake coz hubs have a liking for layer cake but when I opened the box, here's what I saw:

An assortment of very colorful kuih-muihs, each individually wrapped in plastic. I was really tempted to try the kuihs but I did not eat them as it was already way past 9pm. This health, fitness and vain freak doesn't eat anything after 9pm. Anything (especially carbo) eaten in the evening will only promote your jelly belly. I only ate them the next morning. What you see in this pic is only part of the kuihs.

Verdict : At RM1.20 per piece, I would not buy them again. I find that all the kuih tasted almost the same, which is really sweet and has santan or grated coconut in it. What I do not like is the bright food coloring used in most of the kuihs. I still prefer those homemade kuihs and kuihs with natural coloring from pandan leaves, beet root or blue flowers sold at the pasar malam or market. They are way cheaper and taste better.
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