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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Saturday

Today the hubs and mil went to the wet market to shop for our weekly perishables - veggie, meat and fruits. Whenever they go to the wet market, they will also pack back hawkers food for brunch... and also kuih-muih, egg tarts, chicken pies, coconut tarts and all the fattening stuff lar...which iLike but iScared. Anyway, I quickly walloped a slice of my favorite swiss roll with kaya the moment I saw it on the dining table. See how impatient this fei por was. I haven't been eating that for almost a year and it's only available at the SS2 wet market. I so missed it and I finally had it today, hah!

Whenever my mil goes to the SS2 wet market, she would always buy homemade kuih-muih from this lady who claims that her kuih-muihs are free from coloring and are only made from good and natural ingredients. Her kuihs are all slightly more expensive but really nice and very rich in santan. If only I don't have to worry about my darn waist line, I can really polish off everything here. The hello kitty, flower and shell shaped santan jellies are also very tasty - my gals love them. The slice of cake inside the plastic bag at the top left is blueberry yoghurt chiffon cake - it's really fluffly, soft and tasty. In fact, all her kuihs and cakes are really tasty. The maroon color ang koo on the right is made of beet root and has red bean filling - very tasty, iLike!

Egg tarts and coconut tarts...

... and my favorite swiss roll with kaya and chicken pies.

So here goes my diet *shake head*. Better wake up early tomorrow to jog jog jog! Sunday is another eating day, haih....
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