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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Sunday

After church yesterday, we went to Equatorial Hotel KL to attend my former Ipoh school classmate's baby's fullmoon party. It was good catching up with my former classmates and the gals had a swell time watching the clown sculpture balloons for them and there was also had an entertaining magic show by the clown. My 2 gals had so much fun watching the clown that they did not even feel shy volunteering to be the clown's assistant and went out to participate in the balloon competition and other activities.

The clown was too much of a distraction to the kids and they did not eat much, especially Sherilyn who only ate 3 fishballs and a small scoop of ice-cream. As for me, I ate quite a bit, hehe... afterall, how often do I get to eat in such peace... my maid was feeding Baby C and my gals were having so much fun they did not bother me much.

My first plate of grub, which I shared with my maid. The food and desserts were really good and I gorged on quite a bit of cakes. I'm all set to jog an extra mile today to burn off those piled up calories.

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