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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Settling A Tug-Of-War

What would you do if your kids fight over a toy or just about anything? I normally take the item away so that no one has the item but more often than not, both will put up a sulky face for hours. And #2 will give me more than a sulky face. She will whimper non-stop (which would surely send a migrane to my head!) until she gets the item or until I give her a spank!

The other day, #1 and #2 were fighting over a pink China bowl over dinner. I didn't want a headache, so I told #1 to give #2 the pink bowl and then dug out a Mickey & Friends compartmentalized plate which was new and never used before... and gave it to #1. She was placated instantly... and I whispered this to her "your sister will surely want your plate when she sees it" and true enough, when #2 saw the new plate, she abandoned her pink bowl and wanted the new plate... that's very common of #2 to do that.... she wants what her jie jie has, even if she does not like the item as she just wants equality.

Alycia's new Mickey & Friends compartmentalized plate which koo mar bought from HK.

To placate #2, I dug out another compartmentalized plate (which was not new but hardly ever used) and gave it to her. She whined a little coz she only wanted her jie jie's plate... which was very common of her but when she saw her dishes nicely arranged in her 'new' plate, she mellowed down and then slowly settled down, looooooong sigh.... talk about middle child syndrome.... you really need loads of patience and ideas to placate the difficult middle child.

And here's what we had for dinner that night:

Stir-fried veggie, steamed eggs with minced pork, steamed salmon fish, stir-fried french beans with homemade fish balls, steamed brown rice and chicken curry.
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