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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snacking After Meals

Whenever my gals have their meals, they must always end them with a dessert, not just one but several types. After their lunch or dinner, they will ransack the fridge and kitchen drawers for desserts and snacks - from ice-creams to biscuits, chips, cakes, yoghurt drinks and what nots. Can't blame them coz everyone in the family likes snacking, including moi, haha!

Sherilyn enjoying her ice-cream that mah mah bought for her. At least there is something to motivate my Miss Dilly Dally to hurry up and finish her meals but this does not work all the time. Sometimes, she would just sit on the chair at the dining table with food stored in her mouth and daydream till the cows come home for 2-3 hours!
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