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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surprises From Baby C

Surprisingly, Baby C seems to have a liking for this hard cover book with pictures of real animals.... coz her 2 jie jies did not display any interest in this book when they were younger. Baby C can now recognize a handful of animals and she never fails to make me laugh each time she says "aaaaa....fen" (elephant) when she sees the picture of the elephant. She will also say "bear bear" whenever she sees any type of bears.

Baby C all soaked up in this book of animals.

Today, Baby C surprised me further when she immitated me by saying 'taaa kiu' (thank you). She also said "daiii.......be" (diaper) when I gave her a diaper. She even understands Cantonese, Mandarin and Malay. When my maid asks her things in malay, she will point out to those things. Her latest buzzword is 'pain', 'thoong' (pain in Cantonese) and 'sakit' (pain in Malay). She will point to her hand with her forefinger each time we mention the word pain, thoong or sakit... coz her hand was where the IV line was inserted during her 3-week long stay in the hospital.

These surprises from my sweetiepie are never enough and I can't wait for her to spew out more words each day.
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