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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweating It Out At Raju's

I've always been a great fan of Indian food. After church yesterday, I told hubs that I wanted to try the Indian food at Raju Indian Restaurant at Jalan Gasing as he has been telling me how popular and tasty the food there is. Well, no regrets eating at Raju's as the food is delicious but I regretted eating there and not packing the food back coz it was frigging HOT, smoky (we sat next to the deep frying counter where the hot woks were and the oily smoke was too much to bear) and windy (the wind 'kar liu' leaves and dirt into our food!).

Here's what we had:

I had tosei and paper tosei. Shared them with my kids and maid. All the food there is served in banana leaves. Cooled my body down by gulping down water from a whole coconut.

Deep fried chicken marinated in turmeric and a little curry powder - this is my favorite.

Deep fried fish, squids, chicken curry and lamb curry.

Alycia and Sherilyn did not quite enjoy their food coz it was really frigging hot and they were complaining of being hot and sweaty.

I also ordered vadae which iLike.

There wasn't even a highchair for Baby and my maid had to carry her whilst I fed her. We were seated under a big tree and there were leaves dropping on our food as we ate. Even baby's porridge had leaves and twigs, eeesh! It was really uncomfortable as the restaurant was bursting with patrons - too many customers and not too satisfactory customer service. Many of the customers were kwai lohs.
Here, Baby is trying to bite coconut flesh from the cap of the coconut shell. I had to pacify her with the coconut cap as she was restless, hot and sweaty.

The bundle of fresh banana leaves, replacing plates.

The deep fried food counter. Can you see Alycia behind? We were seated just metres away from the counter, so can you imagine how 'yau' (oily) it was. The aroma and the hot smoke wafted to where we were seated and we were choking in the smoke as we ate. At the end of the meal, all of us smelled like fried chicken, fried fish and curry, eewww!

When we reached home, the first thing I did was bathed Baby again.... and all of us showered again - from head to toe!

The next time I want to eat Indian food from Raju's, I'll make sure hubs tar pau and we will eat at the comforts of our own home.
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