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Friday, July 10, 2009

Up Again At Ungodly Hours

It's now almost 2am and I'm up again, hoping to complete some of my online assignments. These days, I can hardly do anything during Baby's waking time. Baby is at a very mobile stage now and is happily roaming the house with her new found feat - walking! She can hardly remain in her playpen these days.

When Alycia and Sherilyn are away in school in the morning, my time is normally spent feeding Baby breakfast, spoon-feeding her formula milk (which takes ages!), bathing her and by the time she is taking her first nap, her 2 jie jies are back from school. When they are back from school, my hands will be tied fixing them lunch, bathing them and coaching them in their homework. If only Sherilyn will just obediently listen to me without whining, complaining and irritating me with her endless whims and fancies and unreasonable demands every single day. My temper will sure hit the roof whenever I hear her whine and her turning a deaf ear on all my instructions, aargh!

My days pass by really quickly these days without me realizing it. When your plate is full to the brim, you won't even realize time ticking away at a frightening speed. Well, it's good isn't it? When you have 3 demanding toddlers, life is never a dull. Ok, back to work.... better stop crapping now.
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