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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Almond Cookies

My mil bakes the most addictive almond slice butter cookies. They are crunchy, very flavorful and nutty. Every bite you take has an almond slice in it, yums! I can chomp down 3-5 pieces (and even more if I couldn't care less about my darn waist line!) in one go hahahaha.....see this wai sake fei por!!

My mil made this batch of almond slice cookies several days ago. When Baby saw the cookies fresh from the oven, she went "waaaaaaa" and then climbed up the dining table chair, then climbed up the dining table and screamed "I wan biscuit!!"... with her hands grabbing the cookies. My mil and I burst out in a guffaw coz she looked too cute doing that and we could not believe she could pronounce the word "biscuit" so clearly! She is definitely another biscuit and junk food lover, just like her 2 jie jies.

My mil even bought pretty plastic bags complete with stickers and cute bands from Japan to pack these cookies to give away as gifts. This bag of cookies was meant for Alycia's class teacher but that fler was too shy to give her teacher and she removed it from her school bag. She told me no way was she going to give it to her teacher, haih...!
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